Pastors & Staff

John Yount

Lead Pastor

John has led MCF since God called his family to move to Mount Shasta in November, 2021.  Before that, he served the Lord in youth ministry for over 25 years.   For him and his wife Jennifer, seeing the transformative work of Jesus Christ in people’s lives… through the Word of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit... is the the greatest reward they have received from the ministry that God has given to them.

Jacob Bass

Youth Pastor

Jacob Bass first ventured to the Siskiyou County area in May of 2015 to serve at Kidder Creek Camp.   He would spend the next 3 summers there as he finished  his degree in Elementary Education at Northern Michigan University.  After his wife, Georgie, graduated in 2018, together they moved back to California  for a 4th summer at Kidder., leading the Mountain Bike program.  It was then they develpoed a relationship with the staff at MCF, and that fall, they followed God's call to come alongside what God was building here at MCF.
Jacob and Georgie started the ministry of The Crossing in the fall of 2018.  And with the help of God, and many others in the body, have crafted a space for young people to foster a relationship with God through fellowship, Biblical instruction, and adventurous outdoor activities.

Shawna Barr

Head of Mountain Scholars School

Although Shawna holds a California teaching credential, it has been her experience homeschooling her own 5 children, as well as many others, that has fueled her passion for classical education.  It is her hope that Mountain Scholars will provide families with the education option that she wished she’d had when her children were younger.  She is finding that her degree in Spanish is finally proving useful as she is studying Latin in preparation to teach it in the upcoming years.  Shawna particularly loves teaching young students to read and never stops being amazed at the way God has created the human mind with the capacity to learn.