Mountain Christian Fellowship


November 11, 2013


Our translation workshop here in Nepal started today and the three teams seem pretty excited. After finishing the translation of Luke, doing the Jesus Film (which is closely based on Luke) is like dessert after the main meal. In addition to the translators, we have a number of observers participating who are interested in replicating this workshop in other areas of the world.

Laura and I had a great trek last week in the Helambu region, and thankfully my knee did very well. I think the stretches the physical therapist gave me, as well as well as a pair of trekking poles really helped. This was a shorter trek down in the foothills rather than up in the high peaks (though I did hit 13,000 feet at one point). Each day we had nice views in the morning before the clouds came in. There is a 4-minute slideshow of our trek at the following link:

We are now renting an apartment full-time in Kathmandu. There was a lot of work for us to get it set up, but it now feels like home, and it's a MUCH better situation than the place we stayed at earlier this year where we froze! We can only be in Nepal a maximum of 5 months a year on a tourist visa, but we'll be able to rent out the apartment to others when we're not here.


National elections in Nepal are a week from tomorrow. Please pray. A hardline Maoist party (communist) doesn't want the elections to take place and has called for a 7-day strike, saying they will use violence to keep people from voting. All the translators live within walking distance of the office, so we're hoping to be able to continue the workshop even if everything shuts down.

Rejoicing in the Prince of Peace,

Steve and Laura

August 22, 2013

Another letter from Albert with photos below:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

By the email we want to let you know that the evangelistic outreach is now finished with Cumel (Fraternity of Universities for Local Evangelism). It took place in Diembering from August 11-18. The evangelical church of Diembering and Albert and Irma want to thank each of you for your support. The outreach was done by 30 youth who came for the most part from Oussouye, Ziguinchor and Dakar. They arrived on Sunday, August 11 and Monday was a day of prayer and fasting. That night we organized the first outreach with a projection of the Jesus Film in Kwatay. At the end of the showing we gave a call and four young boys gave themselves to the Lord. It was Souleye Badiane, Francois Diatta, Jean Diatta and Marc Diatta. However, all the other days, from Tuesday to Friday there were door to door outreaches with tracts and New Testaments from 3:30, and at 7:30 p.m. everyone gathered at the town square for the film which was shown at 8:00 p.m. Since it was right in the middle of rainy season, we were a bit encumbered by rain the first three days. But that didn't stop us from the outreaches. The first outing on Monday we showed the Jesus Film in the rain. Several people came with raincoats and others sat under the roofs of houses to watch. We even preached to those who stayed in their houses, thanks to the loudness of the speaker system we were using. All together, 47 people showed a desire to follow Christ. Pray for them to be strengthened in the faith. For doing follow up work, we have formed three groups of three people to do the work at the end of each week.

Pastor Albert and Irma Diatta (photos below)